General Data Analysis

1 07 2008

What is it? Statistical data analysis of any existing or generated data sets including basic and advanced descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, ANOVA/MANOVA, and non-parametric analysis.  A clear incisive report is our delivered product to you.  You’ll know everything possible about your data in clear, easy to understand terms.

Why would I want it? In today’s digital age data adds up fast.  Often data lies dormant because no one is sure what to do with it.  Either the expertise necessary is not available on staff, a software purchase would be necessary, or maybe it is not realized that there is data to look at.  SES can take “dead” data and bring it to “life.”  It costs money to collect data and to let it sit idle, not working for you, is wasteful.  Let SES make your data useful so you can Rise Above The Noise.

How does SES do it? We have access to high power statistical software that can analyze just about any data imaginable.  We own the software and computers so you don’t have to.  We have the expertise to evaluate, analyze, and interpret all your dat




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